They enable 10 ICU beds in the Avidanti Clinic: Manizales has 249

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“In Manizales we are generating permanent monitoring actions to verify the behavior of the intensive and intermediate care units, general hospitalization rooms and emergency units,” reported the Secretary of Public Health in view of the increase in the occupation of these units in Manizales.

During this holiday bridge, the aim is to reduce the mobility of people, with the aim of mitigating the impact of traffic accidents, those injured by violent acts and any other behavior that represents the occupation of the municipality’s health care units.

“Currently we are seeing an increase in the number of infections and positive cases due to covid-19. This represents greater stress and burden for the personnel who attend the emergency and intensive care system,” added the official.

On Friday, January 8, during the night, 80% of the ICU bed occupancy was exceeded, thanks to the opening of 10 beds of Intensive Care Units at the Avidanti Clinic, the situation could be controlled and reduced the level at 77.51%.

In this regard, Carlos Huberto Orozco Téllez, Secretary of Public Health commented: “Yesterday we exceeded the 80% occupancy barrier, but with the fitting of these beds we managed to attenuate and reduce the general occupancy to 77.5%. This finally speaks of the fact that at this moment we have to guarantee the self-control and self-care of all people to neutralize the weight that is had on the occupation of these beds. “

Manizales has 249 ICU beds. When the pandemic began, the Caldas capital had 117. Although important work has been carried out to equip 132 ICU beds during the emergency, this has not been enough to decongest the hospital network.

The health emergency also means a significant challenge in the installed capacity, the necessary medicines to care for patients, the fatigue, tiredness and stress to which the health personnel who have attended the pandemic in Manizales are subjected.

Orozco Téllez referred not only to the crisis caused by covid-19, but also to other crises that the pandemic itself has brought to the health system: “Simultaneously we have 3 crises: due to installed capacity, that is, the number of beds available, but this is linked to the crisis due to the difficulty in acquiring some medications, such as muscle relaxants and sedatives necessary for critical care care, and the third crisis is caused by human talent, staff intensive care units and emergency units who are fatigued, many are in isolation because they are diagnosed with covid-19 and others who have died. In such a way that regarding human talent we have to keep a high guard because the difficulties are increasing ”.

In the coming days, seven ICU beds will be fitted out. Five of them in the San Isidro General Hospital and two more in the Avidanti Clinic, which will strengthen the installed capacity in Manizales. In this regard, the head of the Health portfolio in the municipality, concluded “for this opening, some technical steps must be taken to guarantee the functioning and operation of this type of care units.”


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