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Russian scientists reported a great find made in the Siberian region of Sakha, where the “perfectly preserved” remains of a woolly rhinoceros, a species that would have been extinct 10,000 years ago approximately.

As detailed by the German chain German wave, the body was initially found last August by a peasant from the Abyiski region, who notified the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Republic of Sakha of this. Since then it has been subjected to a series of studies.

According to the researcher Valeri Plótnikov, the impeccable conservation of the animal, whose fur can still be distinguished, is due to the fact that it was buried in the permafrost (underground ice cap) of Siberia.

Without going any further, Plotnikov argued that the discovery was achieved because the remains of the animal were exposed to the environment due to the melting of this layer, a situation that has occurred more frequently due to climate change.

Valery Plótnikov

Within the report, the academy argued that due to the action of the ice sheet All the limbs, some internal organs, part of its outer coat and its horn were preserved.

For now, they report, the sex of the specimen is unknown, which is believed to be it lived between 20,000 or 50,000 years ago, in a period that coincides with the Ice Age.

“The back of the body contains soft tissue, possibly sex organs and part of the intestines. This makes it possible to study the excrement, which would facilitate the reconstruction of the ‘palaeoenvironment’ of that period, “said Plotnikov.

One of the aspects that astonished the experts was the conservation of the horn that the animal had, since, in their analysis, these tend to decompose quite quickly once they die.

Valery Plótnikov

Along with that, during these months there was also a analysis to the specimen’s teeth, estimating that he was between three or four years old at the time of his death.

Likewise, they also concluded that he did not die of hunger, since his body was classified as “robust”. For now, it is estimated that his death would have occurred after falling down a ravine or into a swamp.

It should be noted that the rhinoceros will be transferred to Yakutsk for further studies, and after that it could be exhibited in Sweden.


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