They find a ship from the 1st century BC in Les Formigues that may be the oldest wine-eating restaurant in Catalonia

Archaeologists have rediscovered the remains of a ship from the middle of the first century BC (BC) that sank in the Ant Islands, on the coast of the Baix Empordà. The wreck was first found in 1958, but had been buried under the sea for decades without knowing its exact location. Now, the Center for Underwater Archeology of Catalonia (CASC) has relocated it. In part, thanks to the temporary ‘Glory’ he brought out some of the wood.

Archaeologists they are now studying whether this is the oldest wine trade vessel built in Catalonia, prior to the two discoveries in Cap de Creus. In parallel, the CASC has documented this year a dozen sites that the ‘Gloria’ has resurfaced throughout the Catalan coast.


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