They find a woman floating 3 kilometers from the beaches of Puerto Colombia – Barranquilla – Colombia

Three kilometers from the beaches of Salgar, in the Atlantic, a woman was found floating who managed to be rescued by fishermen in the area.

The case was registered this Saturday morning, reported the fishermen who managed to get it onto the boat and take it to the mainland.

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According to the versions that so far have transpired in local media, the woman was identified as Angélica Gaitán, 46, from Bogotá.

In the videos that circulate on social networks, the woman is seen floating adrift in the sea. The fishermen take it out of the water and carry it to the beach, where it received attention from some bathers.

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The woman was transferred to the Salgar assistance center, Puerto Colombia township, in the Barranquilla metropolitan area, where it was reported that she arrived in shock.

So far, the version is the one delivered by one of the doctors who received her at the health center, where she was stabilized.

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Doctor Bernardo Howard told the newspaper The Herald that apparently, the woman was abandoned by her husband months ago and was taken into a foster home. “Yesterday (this Friday) the woman learned that they had separated her from the EPS and the foster home announced that they were not going to attend to her any more and they removed her from the place,” he said.

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In Puerto Colombia, some people said that they had seen her at night walking as if disoriented.



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