They find in a field of Zaragoza the body of a woman who had been missing for ten days

The neighbor of Zaragoza who disappeared from her home on January 22 has been found dead this Friday. The body of Regina Cabeza Valero, 47, was located in a field with bushes and vegetation that is near the Higher Polytechnic Center (CPS) of the Aragonese capital, according to official sources.

The finding took place during the fight organized by the National Police and in which security forces, firefighters, Red Cross, civil protection, volunteers and family members of several people who had disappeared in the Aragonese capital collaborated. One hundred people participated in the search device, which tracked various areas of Zaragoza, such as industrial estates, parks and gardens, banks of the Ebro or the course of the Imperial Canal.

During those traces, one of the search teams had the lifeless body of
Regina Head
. Official sources indicated that the body was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Aragon (IMLA) to perform the autopsy and determine the causes of death, although apparently no signs of violence.

The woman suffered a severe depression and is believed to have suffered a crisis that led her to leave home. His disappearance was reported immediately by his family. On January 22 at noon, Regina Cabeza left home, located in the Zaragoza street of Zalfonada. He did not take the keys or the mobile phone. At 2.30 p.m. that same day it was seen in a central warehouse in Zaragoza. It was one of the last clues of this Zaragoza, from which posters were distributed throughout the Aragonese capital to try to locate it.

A missing old man found alive
On the other hand, within the same search operation that was deployed this Friday in Zaragoza, agents of the National Police motorized unit located Narciso Ribote García, an 83-year-old elder, who had been missing for two days. He was found at 10.30 am I was unconscious, on the bank of the Ebro, on the other side of the Ebro Sports Park, in a flood and muddy area.

The agents sheltered him and as soon as he got warm he regained knowledge and mobility. He is diabetic and needed medication. He was transferred in a Fire Department UVI to the Miguel Servet Hospital of the Aragonese capital.

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Without a trace of Vigilio Jiménez, 75
Who is still missing is another neighbor of Zaragoza, 75, who knows nothing since November 30. Is named
Virgil Jimenez
 and it is believed that he took a wrong bus, was disoriented and lost his trail. It measures 1.60 meters, is of normal complexion, white hair and brown eyes. When he disappeared he wore jeans and a navy blue coat. .

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