They find possible sign of life after a month of the explosion in Beirut

A Chilean rescue team began an operation with Lebanese security forces on Thursday after finding a “possible” sign of life under the rubble of a collapsed building in a neighborhood in central Beirut, a month after the explosion that shook to the country.

Francisco Lermanda, head of the Topos Chile rescue team, assured Efe that the dog of the specialized rescue team, named Flash, has sat on two different occasions “at the same point and at the same distance as we thought” where they think there is two bodies.

While one believes that it is lifeless, the other, who would be found just below the corpse, gives signs of life with 18 beats per minute, but without being able to confirm whether it is a heartbeat, he told the media at the scene of rescue Edouard Bitar, member of the NGO Live Love Lebanon and who has assisted the Chilean rescue team.

Lermanda said that machinery cannot be introduced in case there is a possibility of a person alive.

“We can not put machines, we can not hit or do anything that could risk the life of that possible person,” he said.

During the rescue operation, the Chilean team asked journalists and different teams that were at the scene to be silent and turn off their cell phones so as not to interfere with the sounds they could detect, Efe found.

Lermanda, from Topos Chile who works in numerous rescue operations in tragedies, said that they passed through the area “by chance” and the dog climbed through the rubble and stood at a point, which was then carried out with a temperature and noise scan. It provided them with a sign that a living body might be inside.

The Chilean head of rescue workers pointed out that, if there was a body alive, it would be that of a baby “because of the shape” in which it is found and that, according to the first indications, they would have fallen from the third floor and would be found in the second floor of the building located between the Mar Mikhail and Gemmayzeh neighborhoods, one of the most devastated by the explosion on August 4 in the port of Beirut.

He asserted that they do not know how long the operation can last, but clarified that they are not going to leave until they discard or confirm that there is someone inside.

Likewise, Lermada affirmed that “hope is never lost” despite the fact that a month has passed since the deflagration of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate and that, in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, they found a person alive “28 days later ».

Since the explosion, which left 190 dead and more than 6,500 injured, the rubble of this building has not been removed.

According to the authorities, there are only three missing persons accounted for by the explosion. EFE

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