They find the remains of a Nazi ship sunk by a British submarine in 1940


Updated:09/09/2020 15: 00h


A military relic has been found. Eight decades after the Second World War the remains of a German warship that sank after being hit by a British torpedo have been discovered off the coast of Norway. This has been confirmed by the Norwegian operator Statnett.

Identified this year from SONAR images of its hull and details such as the position of the gun turrets, the cruiser «Karlsruhe»Was first detected in 2017 just 15 meters from a submarine power cable that has been operating since 1977.


Built in the 1920s, the ship was painted with a swastika when the Second World War. A symbol that Statnett and his partners have already photographed to the delight of history buffs.

The 174-meter ship was part of the German force that invaded Norway in April 1940. It fought until it was hit by a British submarine torpedo shortly after beginning its return journey from the southern port of Kristiansand. from Norway.


Later, the crew was evacuated and the ship was sunk by the Germans themselves. Since then, it has rested upright on the bed at a depth of 490 meters, 13 nautical miles (24 kilometers) from the coast.

“You can know the fate of Karlsruhe in history books, but no one knows exactly where the ship sank,” said Norwegian Maritime Museum archaeologist and researcher Frode Kvaloe.

Statnett has pointed out that his submarine power cable, which connects Norway to Denmark, would have been laid farther from the wreckage if its location had been known at the time of construction.

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