They found a “super Earth” that could harbor extraterrestrial life

March 5, 2021 9:22

Scientists are eager to analyze a new exoplanet found on the star Gliese 486.

Trifon Trifonov, from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, presented a study on a new exoplanet named Gliese 486 b, (surrounds the dwarf star of the same name). Specialists consider that it has a combination “of physical and orbital characteristics that could make it the ‘Rosetta Stone’ for atmospheric investigations of rocky exoplanets ” and that it could harbor life.

They discovered an exoplanet with a star similar to the sun, where humans could survive

Size, proximity, and surface temperature that could support life

In Trifonov’s talk to Space, the researcher noted that the red dwarf star is located only 26 light years from Earth, has a surface temperature close to 430 degrees Celsius and is approximately 1.3 times larger than planet Earth, so it could have some kind of extraterrestrial life.

They found a “super Earth” that could harbor extraterrestrial life

The finding was made through the CARMENES spectrograph instrument, is installed in the 3.5-meter telescope of the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain. This instrument detected an oscillation in the star Gliese 486 that repeats every 1.47 Earth days. For this reason, and taking into account the location of the exoplanet, it was given the nomenclature b, relating it to the star on which it rotates.

They found a “super Earth” that could harbor extraterrestrial life

It should be remembered that the Rosetta stone to which Trifonov alludes is a fragment of an ancient Egyptian monument from 196 BC. C. found at the end of the SXVII. The same allowed to decipher, thanks to his engravings, the meaning of the Egyptian hieroglyphs that until that moment were totally unintelligible.

The pink exoplanet astronomers compare to a cherry blossom

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