They freeze US $ 700 million that would belong to Alex Saab

The case of money laundering and corruption in which the Barranquillero is linked Alex Naím Saab Morán, seems to have as a parallel function to bring to the fore countries little known to Colombians. Well this time Federal sources in the United States claimed to have found in accounts in the European country Liechtenstein, millionaire sums of money that would belong or be linked to Saab Morán, according to information cited by El Tiempo.

According to what was said by the sources to this medium, while the Colombian is in Cabo Vere ad portas that his extradition to the United States is defined, the feds froze the substantial sum of $ 700 million, of which a part was in Liechtenstein.

In addition, according to the capital’s media, the feds assured that there would be new money seizures, Meanwhile, it is possible to clarify whether the frozen sum would come from the business of the so-called CLAP boxes that Venezuela buys from Saab Morán for several years, and that is part of the investigations for a figurehead against the Colombian.

Already last Wednesday, Liechtenstein had announced that it was investigating several banks in that country, iincluding some from the capital, Vaduz, for the alleged embezzlement of public funds in Venezuela. In this sense, Liechtenstein “sent a request for assistance to Switzerland”, according to European media, to obtain the search for a company from that country, linked to the embezzlement.

At that time, the Venezuelan journalist Roberto Deniz assured in his social networks that Liechtenstein “It was one of the countries that deputies Luis Parra, José Brito, Conrado Pérez, Richard Arteaga, Adolfo Superlano, Chaim Bucaran and José Luis Pirela visited in secret”.

“In the Liectenstein investigation, the authorities have seen that Corpovex paid for food for CLAPs for 197.1 million dollars, but that the real price was 106.7 million dollars. Who got the 91 million difference? ”Deniz questioned on Twitter.

For the moment, the Colombian defense has not ruled on the confiscation of the money, although he has repeatedly spoken about the alleged poor conditions and abuses that Saab Morán would have been subjected to during his stay in a prison in Cape Verde, Africa.


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