“They gave me for the little one”: ‘Hoy’ driver reveals what happened to him for being drunk!

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Mexico City.-In the second episode of his show byYoutubecalled The Cruela Cave, the actressMara Fernanda Quiroz, had a fun chat with Hoy’s driverLambda Garca, who revealed a secret that left everyone speechless.

The driver ofTelevisaI told ‘Ferka’ on the live broadcast, who is about to debut on the sports reality showWarriors 2020, who ever stepped in jail for drinking too much.

Although he tried to evade the issue by arguing that the “call was being cut off,” he confessed that he had once been detained by the Police.

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I was driving while intoxicated, because I was sucking, I was drunk in the middle of Insurgentes, “he confessed.

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The actress asked her followers to never drive if they planned to go out drinking, with which Lambda agreed and revealed that it had been “one of the worst experiences of my life”.

Later, when ‘Ferka’ asked him if something happened in the cell, the driver confessed something that made them laugh out loud:

They gave me the kid, “immediately the driver and actress burst out laughing, however, he quickly said it was a joke and that it was a” very ugly “experience.

From minute 15:38: Â

Source: Ferka YouTube channel




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