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“They gave us a hard blow”, ‘Suso’ ventured to his fans and denounced robbery in his business | Present

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Dany Alejandro Hoyos, better known as ‘Suso, el paspi’, appeared on their social networks to Report an unfortunate event that occurred in your business, the ‘I believe you’ bookstore.

As revealed by the comedian, he became a new crime victim when two older adults arrived at his bookstore located in a shopping center in Envigado and They tricked their employee by stealing a computer from him.

Through a video on his Instagram account, the presenter of ‘The Suso’s Show’ related what happened, dwriting the event as “a hard blow” for his undertaking, which, as he revealed, started in a pandemic.

“Today we were hit hard, but we will move on. The robbery was done by elderly people, the kind that one cannot imagine, well dressed, well spoken … well, “described the famous in his publication.

The renowned comedian took advantage of the moment to Make a reflection, pointing out that despite the unfortunate event you should not faint, but on the contrary continue working for a better country.

It gives a lot of grief but it also gives strength because that is the world that touched us and those of us who do work to build a better country cannot lose heart. We have to keep going. We believe in this country and we are sure that culture and education is the way ”, he indicated.

He also pointed out that he does not wish evil on the people who stole it, but he trusts justice and hopes to get his things back.

Finally, ‘Suso’ thanked all those people who they still shop at bookstores and contribute to culture.

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