They got her drunk to “rape” her, vice president

“The bad intention of Paul Naranjo, Mateo Reyes and Julián Ortegón is evident when getting drunk Ana Maria Castro to make her lose consciousness “, began by writing Ramírez, in his most recent publication of that social network.

Subsequently, the vice president launched the strong accusation against Naranjo, Ortegón (detained for alleged femicide) and Reyes (who witnessed the tragedy, but was not linked to the process as a defendant).

“What came next was raping her, but they ended up killing her first. Bars like Cantina and El Chupe also have responsibility ”, concluded Ramírez, on that platform.

With your accusation, Ramírez anticipated the legal process carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office (the competent entity to do so) and charged the detainees (and Reyes, who is not detained) for an alleged attempted rape before the young woman’s death.

This is the trill of Marta Lucía Ramírez:

Paul Naranjo was sent to prison as a suspect in the femicide of Ana María Castro

On February 10, at the resumption of the hearing against the young man, the judge issued a preventive detention for his alleged involvement in the death of the 21-year-old.

The judge considered that there is sufficient evidence to consider that the accused participated in the events that ended the life of Ana María Castro, at dawn from March 5, 2020, allegedly assaulting her on Calle 80, in Bogotá.

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The judge explained that the evidence provided by the prosecuting body shows that Naranjo can obstruct justice or destroy evidence in the case, and that is why he considered it necessary to send him to jail. As happened with Julián Ortegón, the first suspect arrested in the case.

Why would they have assassinated Ana María Castro?

On February 9, the prosecutor in the case said that the aggressive conduct that led to Castro’s death it would have been caused by jealousy.

Naranjo, who since this week has been in the hands of the authorities, would be willing to tell his version of what happened at dawn in which Ana María Castro died. This is what his lawyer maintained.

However, the authorities maintain that the violent reaction of the now accused is due to the fact that Naranjo “noticed through the rear-view mirror that the young woman and her initial companion [Reyes] they were kissing. This, apparently, was upset.

Recently, the defense of Paul Naranjo offered compensation for the death of Ana María Castro. This would be done through a policy of the truck in which those involved were going and that could exceed 100 million pesos.


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