They got up on 7th but they are still at the intersection of 8th and 51st

2023-11-14 14:05:00

And group of unemployed people cut off routes keys for traffic in the area of Vaca Muerta. Since this morning, they blocked Route 7 and the intersection that occurs at the roundabout of Routes 8 and 51. There are schools in Añelo that are suspending classes during the morning because the teachers cannot arrive. After 10, they lifted the block on Route 7.

The blocking of the roundabout of Routes 8 and 51 It occurs in the area of ​​Lake Mari Menuco near San Patricio del Chañar. The cut of Route 7 was located at the height of Picada 10near Route 8, where the Police Transit detachment is located.

After 10:30, Deputy Commissioner Damián Jorquera informed Diario RÍO NEGRO that the protesters who were on Route 7 had left. “They were summoned by the prosecutor’s office and had to vacate the place,” he explained.

In relation to the blockade of the roundabout Routes 8 and 51, the commissioner reported that the cut is still continuing. «The people who were on Route 7 came hereand they continue to cut in this area,” Jorquera remarked and assured that there are “around “30 people in the place demonstrating.”

The commissioner explained that The general secretary of the UOCRA, Victor Carcar, called the protesters to a meeting to reach an agreement and lift the cuts. “Now they are in a meeting and if they reach an agreement they promised to lift the cut,” Jorquera concluded.

The spokesperson for the protesters, Pablo Jamillo, indicated in “Let’s Start” for BLACK RIVER RADIO, what They will remain in place for at least two more hours.

The demonstration is carried out by a group of unemployed people who They demand work in the oil industry.

Añelo’s Security Director, Chief Commissioner Claudio Vinet, also detailed BLACK RIVER RADIO whatsand it is cutting off circulation for all types of vehicles, in both directions. This is an important clarification because the demonstrations usually point to the vehicles of the hydrocarbon industry.

According to Vinet they are a group dand unrestrained people asking for jobs. It could be a “Uocra dissident group”. He also assured that they are waiting for the letter to “be able to carry out the summons, ordered by the prosecutor’s office. “We hope that in the next few minutes we can dismantle this measure.”

According to FM Municipal de Añelo, Primary school No. 100 and EPET No. 23 suspended classes during the morning shift due to the impossibility of teachers to reach the institutions. In the next few hours, what will happen during the late shift will be evaluated.

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