they have a business in the country

With the opening of the border there were many companies that decided to expand their business and in the automotive industry there are some interested parties. AKT Motos would join this group of Colombian companies that would enter the Venezuelan market in the next year.

While there they prepare to have cars made by themselvesin Colombia they welcome getting there, because for some time there have been people and companies interested in carrying one of the brands that leads the national market.

in some statements published by The Colombian, Alejandro González, director of international salespointed out that there is still no closed agreement, but that they are interested in reaching the neighboring country.

“Venezuela is definitely studying it, not only with this opening that occurred again, but that country has been moving a lot at the market level and there have been several companies interested in carrying the brand,” he said.

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Details are still missing, says the Antioquia newspaper, but “with all certainty”AKT has the foci in Venezuela, as it would arrive with a proposal that in Colombia has liked a lot.

In Colombia, their motorcycles are very well received and the figures from Andi and Fenalco indicate that This is the third best-selling motorcycle brand in the country. In total, says the El Colombiano report, They have put 89,216 vehicles on the streets so far in 2022.

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Motos ACT they sell more in Colombia than in other countries

This brand is the one that sells many of the vehicles that have been rolling in the country since 2004. Says the 2 shores which belongs to the Corbeta group from Antioquia and which since the year it was founded has brought Chinese technology, from where all the disassembled parts (engines, chassis) are imported and assembled in Envigado, under Chinese design.

The municipality of Valle de Aburrá is precisely its strategic center, since they recently opened that plant with which they hope to expand their production. Currently, says El Colombiano, sales in Colombia represent 80% of AKT’s operation, while international sales weigh 20%.

Although the intention of this brand is to reach Venezuela, currently has a presence in 18 countries. The next to have their vehicles are Aruba and Bolivia, which would already reach 20.

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Due to the demand that these motorcycles have, The company has the capacity to produce 500 vehicles per month, but if more are required, it has a way to do it. Well, they recently created more than 40 direct jobs, adding to the employees they already had previously.

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