They investigated a lawyer and a dentist accused of abuse

14/02/2021 – 05:27 Police

The Fiscal Unit for Crimes Against Sexual Integrity -coordinated by Dr. Erika Leguizamón- carries out a meticulous investigation for a crime to the detriment of an adolescent, for which two professionals from Santiago are charged, who would be the alleged perpetrators of the outrages .

Within the framework of the investigation, during the day of Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th of the current – according to a statement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Dr. Álvaro Cantos and Dr. Jesica Lucas, took an investigative statement from two defendants.

According to what was known about the two defendants, the crime of seriously outrageous sexual abuse weighs on the detriment of a young woman, who at that time was a minor.

The defendants, who work as professionals, are relatives of the victim.

They noted that his biological father is a well-known lawyer and his uncle – the other defendant – a dentist.

The Prosecutor’s Office aired that the facts came to light in 2015, after the minor confessed to her mother the abuse suffered repeatedly.


Regarding the magnitude of the case, the attorney general of the province, Luis Alberto de la Rúa, will meet during the next week with the mother of the victim, in order to inform her about the situation of the case.

Within this framework, the MPF will request the necessary evidence measures to continue with the advancement of the investigation towards the oral proceedings.

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