They invite merchants not to pay the electricity bill as a protest against increase

After an increase in the bill for the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) was announced, the economist Gustavo Vélez invited merchants to protest against it.

Using his Twitter account, Vélez questioned the public corporation about the preferential treatment of government agencies that have not paid the bill but the system is not interrupted.

“Energy disobedience, all merchants stop paying electricity for three months. What is PREPA going to do, cut off all companies? They have to treat us the same as the Capitol and the rest of the agencies that do not pay and do not cut it, “he commented on his social network.

On this idea, the Casa Pueblo organization, which has been recognized for promoting the use of renewable energy, reacted by commenting on the same social network inviting the economist to “free themselves” from PREPA. “Or decide to invest in energy self-sufficiency and permanently free yourself from a model of exploitation,” they wrote.

The increase in the electricity bill was announced yesterday after it was announced by the consumer representative in PREPA, Tomás Torres, ensuring that the Energy Bureau approved it.

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