They issue an arrest warrant against Don Omar in Bolivia

The urban singer Don Omar faces an arrest warrant in Bolivia, after the prosecutor Nancy Carrasco, specialized in Patrimonial Crimes, ordered it so this Saturday in the district of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The arrest warrant against William Omar Landron, name of the artist, was issued with the purpose of having him testify before the Financial Economic Division of the Special Force to Fight Crime of Santa Cruz regarding the crime of aggravated fraud, reported the Colombian newspaper Time.

Along with Don Omar, his brother Héctor Luis Landron Rivera, as well as Félix Gerardo Ortiz and Gabriel Enrique Pizarro, better known as reggaeton singers Zion and Lennox, have been cited.

Press release from Don Omar’s office. (supplied)

The arrest warrant was issued after the complaint filed by the Vice Ministry of User and Consumer Defense, after the suspension of the concert that the artist was going to do on Thursday, January 19 in La Paz. It should be noted that this concert was held the following day (yesterday, Friday) and the one that was scheduled for yesterday in Santa Cruz would be held today, Saturday.

The suspension, it was revealed, was due to the artist’s difficulties in reaching the country.

The artist’s office explained the reason for the setback in a statement, in which it indicated that the company contracted to offer him air transportation from the state of Florida unexpectedly changed the assigned aircraft for one with less flight autonomy (range), which compromised the safety of the passengers and their transfer to the Bolivian capital.

In statements to the Bolivian media signed by Agencia EFE, the director of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), Rolando Rojas, reported that those responsible for the organization, including the singer’s brother, were arrested “for investigative”.

The police chief indicated that “the commitment was that (the concert) was going to take place today (Thursday)”, since there was already a first cancellation of the presentation that was to be held in the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz. at the beginning of last December.

Rojas indicated that “many people got their tickets” even came from within the country and waited for the event to take place outside the main La Paz stadium.

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