They kidnapped a baby from the hospital in Apure and caught them when they were going to sell her

Cicpc arrested 3 women. Two of them, dressed as nurses, took it from the mother in the hospital. They told her they were taking her for a covid-19 test. The girl was only 2 days old.


09:09 PM / 28/11/2020

Investigations by the San Fernando de Apure Municipal Delegation arrested Dorka Mendoza (26), Rosa Angélica García Rodríguez (26 and Oriana Molina Martínez (25) in the El Nazareno and La Trinidad urbanizations, in Apure state, for abducting a baby from two days old.

“The detainees wearing medical (nursing) clothing, because two of them (Mendoza and Rodríguez) had studied that career and had friends with employees of the entity’s hospitals, they were dedicated to capturing women with their newborn babies,” read in the account of the national head of Cicpc.

Coromoto Álvarez Fleites, aunt of the newborn, told the local media that on Wednesday, November 25, at approximately 8:00 a.m., two women dressed as nurses arrived at room number 5 of the Obstetrics Unit of the Hospital de Achaguas , which bears the name of Francisco Antonio Rísquez, and they told the baby’s mother that it was necessary to perform a covid-19 test, so they needed to take the little girl, the Fe y Alegría website disclosed.

The mother and the girl’s relatives agreed, but after five minutes they realized that the two women had left the health center with the baby.

The scientific police added this Saturday 28-N: “These criminals use these moments to circumvent the security of the hospitals and take the babies with them to their homes where they plan to sell them for $ 250.” As indicated, they planned to hand over to the baby Oriana Molina for that amount.

The newborn was rescued safe and sound and the detainees were left at the order of the order of the eighth Prosecutor.

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