“They laugh at the entire Health system”

A 64-year-old doctor, who served in the department of Colón, in Entre Ríos, went viral in recent days after a video that the professional himself recorded was released, giving up on guard duty at the hospital due to the lack of awareness of society regarding the pandemic of coronavirus.

“I will not continue to take risks for the unconscious and irresponsible who do not know that this is serious and serious,” he shot. “I cannot take risks for free. If I had conscience I would bank it and move on, or if I was 20 years younger, but the truth is that I am afraid. They are laughing at the entire health system in Argentina,” he said later in an interview that reproduced The coast.

The doctor in question is the doctor Marcelo lemus, who was on duty at the San José hospital. There, in the middle of his work, the tiredness arrived for the man who was overwhelmed by the situation that the place is going through as a result of the coronavirus.

“This is becoming a mess that will end in chaos if people do not understand that, if we do not take care of each other, mainly young people and adolescents, it will end in something much worse,” the professional began saying in the video of almost two minutes.

There, Lemus emphasizes that the government’s restrictions “are not the problem”, but that the real conflict is the lack of concern of the people towards the pandemic. And he assures that “people keep getting together, they are not aware of what is happening and the health people are already tired.”

Dr. Marcelo Lemus, who resigned from guard duty due to society’s lack of conscience.

“I am one of many, and I will not continue taking risks for the unconscious and the irresponsible they do not know that this is serious and serious, “he said.

And he added: “A number of doctors, nurses, maids, health-related personnel have died for giving everything so that, now, they stop taking care of themselves at the worst moment, plus the irresponsibility of the national authorities, who do not know what to do with the pandemic, you can’t work like that. “

Later, he expanded the reasons for his resignation and said that “it is the first time” that he does so “for social reasons.”

“We were on duty at the hospital, there were several cases on the same day. They had doubled in the last two weeks and a friend from the faculty He sent me a photo, as if to say ‘look how they take care of themselves’. It was a photo of a spa with a group of more than 200 young people, all crowded together, singing, drinking, squeezed, all together. Something logical in normal times, but not in this one, “said the doctor when delving into the reasons for his discontent.

But that did not stop there: “Among the patients who arrived were two young people with headaches. They had been to a party with 80 peopleAnd as if that weren’t enough, he saw an Instagram post by a medical student from the same department in Colón who was calling for a clandestine party.

“We are doing something wrong for a fourth-year medical student to do that in the midst of a pandemic, with what it implies for people in general. Because for young people the risk is much lower, but for the elderly and patients with comorbidities it is high risk “he explained.

He also said that he already has “three dead companions” and does not want to “be the fourth” and that other issues are added to these reasons when approaching his resignation.

The San José hospital, in the department of Colón, Entre Ríos.

The San José hospital, in the department of Colón, Entre Ríos.

“I have a life and what I have left I want to enjoy and live well. What do I do with the admission of the guard if I have a tube down my throat. The currency works, but the pauperization of medicine has led to this too, “he stressed.

Finally, he revealed that he worked as a monotributista on duty and that he billed by the hour: “We have no appointment, retirement, social work, vacations, risk of work … One goes and charges about 600 pesos per hour on duty.”

“All the colleagues say ‘this does not give more’ ‘they do not pay us’ but nobody comes out to speak. Maybe saying it will help others to become aware or people to realize it. Some were very upset, they said it was to abandon ship in the midst of the storm. Each one has their own gaze. I have to take care of my health in principle and in that I have the support of my affections and colleagues, “he concluded.



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