They made a scandal to Nicole Neumann: the ex of her partner Jos Manuel Urcera rebuked her

Nicole Neumann he prefers not to talk about his private life, as he admitted a few days ago to a mobile in Intruders. However, her new boyfriend’s ex played a very nasty trick on her. According to what was expressed by the panelist Marcela Baos, the woman met them on the street and told them about everything, since apparently she found out in a bad way about this relationship.

According to what was expressed in the Intruders, It all happened in Neuqun while Nicole was taking a walk with the Highway Tourism pilot. It was at that moment, when the ex-partner of Jos Manuel Urcera decided to confront them aggressively. On Saturday they went to the market, the ex, Micaela, appeared. She told them everything. Nicole didn’t understand anything. He insulted them both … Because if she is still in love, hooked, with him, it hurts to see him with Nicole. She is an important girl, from a conservative family from Neuqun, inform Marcela.


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