They murder a woman with a sharp weapon in a plot of Porvenir: the perpetrator of the crime would be a former brother-in-law | National

Experts from the PDI Crime Laboratory and detectives from the Homicide Squad come to investigate the incident.

A horrendous crime was uncovered this afternoon in Porvenir, in the parcelas sector, after the discovery of the body of a woman, in what would be a new case of femicide.

Is about Brenda Cartes, who was allegedly killed with a sharp weapon at the hands of her former brother-in-law, Luis Ojeda Ojeda, who is being intensely searched by Carabineros of the Third Commissioner.

The motive for the murder has not been officially confirmed at the moment, although it is presumed that the subject, accused of being the murderer, would have acted out of spite, where his partner would have ended a relationship with him.

On the instruction of the Prosecutor’s Office of Porvenir, experts from the Criminalistics Laboratory and detectives from the Homicide Brigade of the PDI of Punta Arenas must carry out the examinations, while the photo of the main suspect is being widely disseminated on social media.

Ojeda, would be a field worker, so it is presumed that he could be hidden in a remote area of ​​the Fuegian capital. People who have a record should contact the police.


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