They punish people who go out without masks with blows

In this municipality of Tierra Caliente, cases of contagion are on the rise, so far there have been 20 deaths from Covid-19 and 213 infected people are reported. Photo: Screenshot


Supposed members of a group of the organized crime they punished residents of the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán for not bringing face masks on the street, in a video that was uploaded at social networks It is seen as a man gives two blows with a rope to each person in punishment.

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In the video that was broadcast, you see 6 people who are together and one by one they place them to give them two blows with a rope on the back, at the end of the punishment a voice is heard asking them why they were punished and The group responds that “because they are not wearing a mask”, and a voice is heard that ends by saying “there it is, so that those who do not want to use a mask should be careful.

According to the residents of the place, the people who applied the punishment travel in a truck through the streets, looking for people without the mouth cover.

In this municipality of the Hot land contagion cases are on the rise, so far there are 20 deaths per Covid-19 and 213 infected people are reported.

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