They recognize a Neuquén police officer who donates her milk to the Zapala lactation bank

A young police officer from Neuquén received recognition from the institution of her peers in Zapala after an act of solidarity that she has been carrying out for some time was made known. She donates her milk to the local lactation bank, collaborating with the needs of the Zapala neonatology sector.

First Corporal Julieta Altamirano is 31 years old and is the mother of a one-year-old baby, so she is also breastfeeding. For a little over three months she has been part of the body that integrates the Police Station for Minors and Women of the town.

From the institution they reported that Altamirano had communicated his intention to donate milk after during the hours of lactation with his son he needed to have extractions.

The Zapala Internal Security Directorate informed RÍO NEGRO that although Altamirano’s contributions have been going on for several weeks, this Wednesday an act was held to commemorate the commitment to society, women and babies who are in the health institution in the center of the province.

“All her colleagues expressed their congratulations to the corporal who agreed to make public her actions to promote breastfeeding”told police authorities.

«We usually donate blood, many times as a requirement of our duty and other times to help a relative or acquaintance, but it is not common for these actions to be disseminated from the institution, that is why we celebrate and invite women who can do it, donate breast milk and help “they added.

The procedure that Julieta Altamirano begins with the extraction of her milk, which is then sent to Cutral Co to be analyzed in the laboratories of the Human Milk Bank of that town and culminates with the return of the donation to the Zapala hospital.

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