They recreate the image of Jesus with artificial intelligence | Unusual

A photographer from the Netherlands undertook to recreate the face of the most famous man in the world: Jesus Christ.

The result went viral and controversial.

Bas Uterwijk is a photographer specializing in recreating images and with the help of the Artbreeder program he worked to obtain the face of Jesus.

The artist also made use of other elements, such as the combination of many faces with which the “son of God” has been represented.

He even used the image of the Shroud of Turin and the portrait of Leonardo da Vinci entitled Salvator Mundi.

After obtaining a single image of Jesus’ face, the photographer retouched it based on ethnic characteristics in the Middle East 2,000 years ago, according to 20 minutes.

Finally, Uterwijk made two versions of the face of Jesus, one with long hair and another with short hair and a more prominent beard, more precisely in keeping with the time.

The photograph has gone viral and has caused controversy on social networks, among those who have praised his work and those who do not accept this image of Jesus.

Although this image seems to be more realistic, through the years religions have shown Jesus with a white complexion, with fine features and even colored eyes.


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3 thoughts on “They recreate the image of Jesus with artificial intelligence | Unusual”

  1. This is so much better than the last time they tried to reconstruct the face of Jesus Christ. However, something still doesn’t feel right. The colouring is correct for the time and place but he still manages to look furtive and criminal almost. I imagine his face to be open, filled with kindness and a smile that lit up his face and made his brown eyes sparkle.

  2. I agree with Barbara Lucas’s comment. It seems very realistic and likely how He might have looked like with the darker skin and everything. However, the image lacks His true essence, an essence of sweet intense love and gentleness. Even the photos of the Shroud of Turin seem to show this sweet essence. I have seen His essence in certain people’s eyes, and these eyes in this picture lack that essence. I’m an artist, also, and I personally believe it’s impossible to capture Jesus’s essence in a painting. I think He didn’t give us the description of His appearance for that reason. No one could capture His true appearance. He wants us to get to know Him through the pages of Scripture and learn to recognize Him in the eyes of others.


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