They refer to shortages in Miami stores due to the threat of storm Ian. Also in Cuba?

Florida news media report that some products are in short supply in several Miami stores due to the threat of Tropical Storm Ian.

The phenomenon, which could cross the peninsula in the coming days, already with the category of a hurricane, has triggered the alarms of the most “cautious”. Thousands of buyers since Friday have already begun to collect water, food and other essential goods to face the storm.

“Have Publix and Costco run out of water? Are gas stations in Florida sold out? With the drumming of a hurricane possibly headed our way, people shopped for storm supplies Friday afternoon and evening as the work week ended with the state in the track cone.” , Miami Herald review today.

empty shelves

As demand skyrockets, it is very likely that when you arrive at your neighborhood supermarket you have found empty water shelves at some point, explains the Miami Herald.

“Our supermarkets Winn-Dixie, Fresco y More and Harvey’s throughout Florida are experiencing increased demand for hurricane preparedness essentials. Some basic necessities such as bottled water, batteries, canned food, toilet paper and plastic products are selling out very quickly.” Meredith Hurley, a spokeswoman for Southeastern Grocers, told the Miami Herald today.

However, any momentary shortage should not be interpreted in an alarmist way. The markets themselves have already made the necessary logistical movements to ensure a supply in line with the high demand:

“To be well supplied, yesterday we assigned extra emergency trucks to transport essential products to stores throughout Florida,” said the directive.

At the moment, Ian’s journey is being monitored, and the necessary measures will be taken in a timely manner to protect clients above all else, he explained.

In any case, you can check if the stores are closed or open. Winn-Dixie, Fresh and More y Harvey’s from the following web addresses:

Customers can keep up to date with the status of their stores through the following websites:, and

And the stores in Cuba?

According to weather forecasts, the cyclone system must first pass through Cuba before heading to the United States. However, on the island the stores have been empty since long before any climatic emergency.

And the few moderately stocked stores are those that sell food and toiletries in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC). But not everyone has access to these, since only those who have bank accounts with deposits in foreign currencies can buy them.

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