News They release the veteran who was hospitalized with coronavirus...

They release the veteran who was hospitalized with coronavirus in Mayagüez


The 87-year-old American veteran hospitalized with the COVID-19 coronavirus in Mayagüez was released after recovering from the condition.

Dr. Ramón Ramírez Ronda, an infectologist at that hospital, reported the good news in a press release regarding the patient he identified as Franklin Eller.

“For Mayagüez Medical Center and its medical faculty, it is a source of satisfaction and joy to be able to report that the 87-year-old patient transported last week from a Coast Guard cruise to the institution, who tested positive for COVID-19, responded favorably to the treatment received “, indicates the press release.

CBS journalist David Begnaud posted on his Twitter social network that he is a veteran of the United States Navy and a resident of San Diego, California.

The man had been transported in a Coast Guard helicopter to the Mayagüez Medical Center Hospital for having presented symptoms of the virus while he was on a cruise ship passing through the Mona Channel.

Upon arrival at the hospital, he tested positive for COVID-19 and began to respond favorably to treatment, until he left the Intensive Care Unit.

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World News :

Her recovery reached the point that in a second test she tested negative for COVID-19, the Health Department reported last Saturday.

“The patient was negative for the virus in the last two COVID-19 follow-up tests that were performed in the past few days and he was already discharged from the institution.”, added the statement.

In written statements, Dr. Ramírez Ronda pointed out that “the team of doctors who had the case work in constant communication and coordination. To this we add that the patient responded excellently to the treatment.”

“The combination of these factors allowed us to see positive results and rapid improvement in the patient. Since coming to our institution, the entire team of health professionals has acted as if it were a positive case for COVID-19”, he specified.

He added that “that is why the isolation measures were taken immediately and the protection protocols for all the personnel were activated. This is the result of teamwork and the effort of doctors, nurses and other support personnel who have been courageously in the battlefront against this global pandemic. “

Likewise, he explained that at the moment there are no more confirmed cases with the virus in the hospital, but that every patient who arrives with suspicious symptoms immediately begins the established protocol of protection and isolation until screening tests are performed.



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