They report the disappearance of a young civil engineer in Bogotá

Bonilla, a civil engineer, left his home on a bicycle around 8:45 a.m. last Monday towards the office where he works, in the town of Chapinero (Calle 45 and Avenida Caracas), and according to a sister, in dialogue with Pulzo, after a GPS tracking of his cell phone it was found that he made “a journey that is not usual.”

“Usually he goes from the house to the office, but yesterday he went first to Avenida Jiménez with Caracas, and from there he went to the office. Around 3:30 in the afternoon, it was digested again to the center, and from there to the National Park. Then, to the Tercer Milenio Park and went down to the San Bernardo neighborhood”, Valentina Bonilla assured this medium.

The young woman said that in the search it was identified that her brother left that sector again for the office, and that after that “he lost contact with him at 8:50 pm ”, as the phone went off.

“He left the company credit cards in the office for the friend, and the partner he left the keys to the petty cash. He also left a note where he told the partner that ‘he was the best’, a note that can really be interpreted as a farewell. It’s the only thing we have of him ”, assured the relative.

Valentina explained that Hernán Bonilla suffered from “anxiety attacks”, that during the week “he had felt bad” and that his colleagues saw him “a little overwhelmed and stressed” by these disorders.

When asked if his brother frequented the San Bernardo sector, and what would be the reason for traveling alone there knowing the insecurity in Bogotá, the young woman replied that at the beginning of the year Bonilla had an anxiety attack and that, as he commented, “he went to those dangerous places as if looking for someone to attempt on his life.”

It is because of this background that the family fears that something may have happened to Hernán on the street, since he left his bicycle at the office and left on foot through Chapinero, a sector where he already robberies of pedestrians and other insecurity issues have been reported.

But the Bonilla family hopes that the young man appears safe and sound, and that is why they filed the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, in the Police Department and even visited Legal Medicine to rule out possibilities.

They also published a poster with a photo of the young man (shared by Senator Juan Luis Castro), with details of how he was dressed and with two contact numbers in case someone identifies him can report that information.


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