world They request for the Civil Guard of Catalonia the...

They request for the Civil Guard of Catalonia the declaration of conflict zone


The situation faced by civil guards stationed in Catalonia and their families, as well as those who come to support the units located there, has led the APROG (Association for Civil Guard Pro) to request the declaration of ZOCON (Conflict Zone ) which entails a series of benefits for such agents.
The petition is made after the reality of the situation of harassment suffered by the Benemérita quarters in Catalonia; and especially that of their children, simply because their parents are civil guards.
The declaration of ZOCON, which the agents assigned to the Basque Country and Navarra already have, carries a series of gratifications; the granting, upon request, of the Medal of Merit with White Badge; preferential right when requesting, by seniority, vacancies; etc.
The Civil Guard, like the National Police Corps, have become a preferred target of those who star in street terrorism, as they are considered "occupation forces." The recent operation of the Benemérita against a CDR cell that planned terrorist acts has revealed the true nature of the disturbances and the objective they pursue.

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