They reveal the IDENTITY of Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué’s GIRLFRIEND with whom he was UNFAITHFUL to Shakira

The rumors about the separation between Shakira y Gerard Piqué are the order of the day. However, today a bomb was released that could leave the footballer exposed, since international media revealed the identity of the alleged new girlfriend of the Barcelona defender named Clara Chia Marti and with which it went unfaithful to the Colombian

After being married for 12 years, the marriage between Shakira y Gerard Piqué came to an end and, despite the fact that neither of them has made a statement in this regard, countless rumors have been spread with the alleged reasons for said breakup, standing out that of an alleged infidelity by the soccer player towards the singer of “Antología”, a fact that was attenuated with the passing of days due to the issue of custody of their children, but that was revived this morning.

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