They revealed what happened to Hulk, Lionel Messi’s “giant” dog in Barcelona

2023-09-23 02:01:55

This week Lionel Messi made the news, but not for his outstanding performance on a soccer field, but for the interview that he toasted with the comedian Migue Granados and in which he talked about details of his private life.

During the note, the Argentine star referred to his current status as a player, to his relationship with his children and to the day-to-day life of his stay in Florida.where he arrived months ago to join the Inter Miamia team that plays in the MLS.

After the report, Granadosthe host of the streaming channel Olga, told some information that did not appear on the air and among them he mentioned the fate of the beloved hulk dogthe “giant” mascot that the Rosario idol had when he was active in Barcelona.

For some time now, Little is known about the life of the Dogue de Bordeaux that years ago Antonela Roccuzzo gave the ten and that caused a sensation in networks social due to its impressive size.

However, the dog’s present would not be the best, according to what Migue said in his program this Friday. «Hulk He is in Barcelona and he is about to meet her, Leo told us“, assured the comedian, with the acidic tone that characterizes him.

«I asked him where that bull is and he told me that in Barcelona“He reiterated and added that Messi explained to him that the dog “is old” and that for that reason he is in the house that the family has in Catalonia.

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Lionel Messi revealed his best kept secret: what he said

It is already common to see Lionel Messi barefoot in the different places he visits in Miamihis current residence where he plays for Interalong with his three children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro and Antonela Roccuzzo.

The cause of this custom was revealed by the captain of the National Team himself, in the talk he had with Migue Granadas. There he related that he has many hobbies and one of them is “taking off my sneakers.” immediately, be in my house or in another place that I trust. I arrive and take off my sneakers».

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