They rob a truck that distributed PS5 in Chile

The shortage of new consoles is encouraging speculation and, in some cases, directly to crimes. According to the Chilean media, a truck that distributed PlayStation 5 to a store has been robbed, causing buyers – who had reserved the console since September, like the rest of the world – now have to wait until mid-December, when new stock of PS5 is distributed. To compensate for this incident, the Falabella chain offers cards for the virtual wallet of 50,000 pesos -55 euros- and a one-year subscription to PS Plus.

“We know that the date you were to receive the console was today, but the truck of the PlayStation distributor that transported them was robbed, leaving us without any of these products. Due to this situation, unfortunately the new delivery date will be from December 15th “, the store informed the buyers.” We would like to be able to change this situation, but it is out of our hands. “Falabella also accuses the distributor of failure to meet the agreed date and delay in deliveries.

Discontent has not been slow to appear on social networks, in some cases also with a bit of humor.

A shortage that is also seen in Spain and the rest of the world

PS5 has been sold out in most stores around the world. In the case of Spain, yesterday some units were put up for sale, exclusively online, for the December 15 shipment. Right now it is impossible to buy or reserve the new Sony console, and according to our sources there will be a very limited shipment from November 21 to 25. Sony is working on manufacture and distribute more units in the coming months, especially on Christmas dates.

If instead you have been able to get a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, you can consult our gua de PlayStation 5 with all the information about the console functions, backward compatibility, and answers to frequently asked questions.


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