They rob Apple truck with almost 200 million pesos in products

The tech giant already knows what will happen to all the stolen iPhones, iPads and accessories in England.

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18, 2020

2 min read

  • The vehicle loaded with expensive merchandise was intercepted on a motorway in England.
  • The assailants took 48 pallets with products Apple, but they won’t earn as much as they hoped.

There are those who are capable of anything in order to have one of the increasingly innovative products of Apple. This time, a gang of thieves robbed a truck carrying gadgets With an estimated value of 5.5 million euros (about 119,896,807 Mexican pesos). Of course, the assault may not turn out as expected, as the company has a plan for stolen equipment.

As reported Sky NewsOn November 10, the truck full of iPhones, iPads and hundreds of expensive accessories of the brand, was driving on a highway in Northamptonshire, England. Around 10:00 p.m., a group of assailants intercepted the vehicle and immobilized the driver and the security guard.

The criminal gang drove the truck to a nearby town and once there they transferred the millionaire loot to another vehicle: 48 pallets with products. Local police confirmed that the two men were left in the truck without physical damage.

What will happen to the stolen equipment?

The value of the stolen merchandise is around 5.5 million euros, but criminals will not be able to take much advantage of it.

As expected, Apple has everything planned for this type of event. The firm is known to keep strict control over its shipments of merchandise and keeps a careful record of the serial numbers of each product that is transported each way.

Therefore, the company will be able to use the activation lock function via IMEI number to disable most stolen devices. They may even locate some of these to retrieve, or collect data for research.

Products may also be disassembled to be sold as spare parts, making their detection and location very difficult.


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