They rob the brother of Darío Gómez in chalequeó; lost more than 12 million pesos

The brother of the interpreter of ‘Daniela’, who he became the ‘King of spite’ for one of the wives he had, was at a presentation when he was the victim of unscrupulous people who took advantage of the disorder.

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The robo It happened when Hernán Gómez was going to get off a platform, and people began to gather to greet him. Others had different intentions, and they cheated him by taking several of his belongings, he indicated ‘I know everything’.

Even, the businessman who made the Gómez concert was also a victim and lost his cell phone.

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to brother of Dario Gomez They steal more than 12 million pesos

Between pushing and others, Hernán Gómez was robbed of a bracelet that cost 12 million pesosreported the Channel 1 program, and a watch worth four million pesos.

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The event took place in Tangua, Nariño, where he sang great hits from ‘Rey del despecho’, situation that seems not to like one of Darío Gómez’s daughters.

Hernán Gómez has not commented on the robbery and, on the contrary, he did not let this embarrassing event affect the other presentations he had scheduled.

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