They secure resources for the intervention of the section of Calle 30

The integral intervention of Calle 30, in the section between the Ernesto Cortissoz international airport and the Inem school, is assured with the allocation of a source of financing.

The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) assigned its corresponding percentage of the collection of the Galapa and Sabanagrande tolls. The resources will be used to finance the expansion and maintenance works of the road, considered key to the competitiveness of the Caribbean region.

This was established in an inter-administrative agreement signed between the ANI, the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, the Government of Atlántico and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barranquilla (AMB), after the disagreement expressed since March by the district and departmental authorities for the exclusion of that section in the new highway concession Autopistas del Caribe.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo assured that the achievement of these resources is the result of a joint work with the national government.

“These resources allow us to intervene in an artery that concentrates 90% of the Atlantic GDP and is a natural access to the eastern band of the Atlantic, one of the most important industrial and logistics areas with the greatest growth potential in the Caribbean,” said the president. district.

In turn, the director of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Area, Libardo García, thanked the ANI president, Manuel Felipe Gutiérrez, for his interest in finding a legal path to guarantee the financing of the adaptation and maintenance of the aforementioned corridor.

The works include the expansion to four lanes in each direction, the overpass at the entrance to Soledad 2000, the construction of platforms, bicycle paths and landscaping, as well as the road infrastructure for the massive transport system.

These works will connect with the new 30th street that the District is currently building between races 2 and 46, with a length of 5,660 linear meters, in rigid concrete pavement, thickness of 30 centimeters and capacity for any type of mass transport.


Efraín Cepeda, president of the Atlantic Inter-union Committee, said that this agreement opens the way to have, in the short term, “a road with the specifications required by Metropolitan Barranquilla”, taking into account that it is “a strategic sector that is in full industrial and logistical development ”.

“Conditions are created to advance in the implementation of phase 2 of the mass transport system to connect it with Malambo and from there with the eastern band of the Atlantic, which will significantly improve the quality of life of the population,” he added.

The union leader also highlighted that these works connect with the La Virgencita Road Interchange, a work done by the Government of the Atlantic and that contributes to the solution of congestion problems in one of the busiest points of that corridor.

César Lorduy, representative to the Chamber for the Atlantic, said that the decision is a response to the manifestation of rejection that the Caribbean Bank made of the decision not to include the corridor in the project: “The mentioned section is the connection of the eastern band of the Atlantic and the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla, where 90% of the GDP of the department is concentrated ”.


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