“They should invent a president simulator”

2023-07-17 20:46:29

Vice President Cristina Kirchner shared a new act with the Minister of Economy and candidate for president for the ruling party, Sergio Massa, in the framework of the inauguration of a new flight simulator for the flag company.

It was the third time that Cristina Kirchner accompanies Sergio Massa since the “unity candidacy” was confirmed along with Agustín Rossi in the formula.

“We are entering a stage in which two models of the country are defined,” launched Massa, who took the floor after the president of AA, Pablo Ceriani, whom Cristina Kirchner said is one of her “functioning officials.”

In the act, Massa called to “defend national sovereignty and the homeland in these next four months” in an act where the ruling party gave arguments for good public administration of the flag carrier.

“They say that Aerolíneas loses money, but this year the Treasury transferred 0 pesos to it,” said the Unión por la Patria presidential candidate.

Sergio Massa, Cristina Kirchner and Pablo Ceriani at an event in Ezeiza
Sergio Massa, Cristina Kirchner and Pablo Ceriani at an event in Ezeiza

He also targeted Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. “Today when I was traveling to Paraná, I heard from the current Buenos Aires head of government that the residents of the Conurbano when they buy milk, pay for the ticket to Rome for those who travel by airlines. What I ask of the electoral process is that we at least be serious and rigorous with the numbers”.

At another point in his speech, Massa added that the Union for the Homeland will guarantee the development of Argentina with a federal perspective. “If we want a federal country, we have to defend Airlines. That needs the investment of the State ”, he maintained.

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Finally Massa spoke of the benefits of the nationalization of Airlines. “Not only do we sell services to other countries, but we save US$25 million that no longer leaves Argentina as a result of the investment made by Aerolíneas.”

When Cristina Kirchner took the floor, she addressed the presidential candidate and told him: “You were talking about serious and rigorous candidates with numbers, someone should invent a president simulator, please, urgently.”

The vice president advanced with her metaphor of the simulator and proposed its operation, which was to put “one with the numbers and problems of Argentina, not Switzerland, Sweden or Norway.” “Many of us in Argentina pretend that inflation or the IMF and the debt are natural phenomena, they are not. They have been provoked, brought in,” added Kirchner.

Cristina Kirchner in an act with Sergio Massa.
Cristina Kirchner in an act with Sergio Massa.

Next, the former president offered an explanation for the lack of dollars in Argentina: “On June 29, 2023, the study of the international accounts of Argentina was published. What are they? The dollars, guys. And it brings a very interesting number. There is a phenomenal number. 428.635 million dollars. They are the assets formed abroad by individuals and legal entities from Argentina. Welcome to Argentina, where we lack dollars. Ah, but outside of Argentina, there is a select group of Argentines who have almost a GDP. Does it ring a bell? The GDP is held by Argentines and Argentines abroad, ”he said.

And he sent a strong message to the International Monetary Fund: “There is only one Argentina. But the IMF is also one. If we have to take charge of the mismanagement of the previous president when he summoned the Fund, the Fund, in its current authority, must take charge of the mismanagement that the director had. Institutional continuity is for everyone and for all, ”she said.

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Alberto Fernández at the Celac and European Union summit in Brussels.

Finally, the vice president maintained that the fate of the Argentine people is at stake in the next elections. “Each one has to take charge of the part of history that corresponds to them. Cannot be taken with inventory benefit. This is the drama that Argentina has. A government does not have it, an ideology does not have it, the country has it as an economic, social and political structure. It is necessary once and for all to take charge of how to tackle this problem”.

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