“They should warn!” “they don’t worry about the consequences” “we are being fed pills”, tweeters angry at doctors lax with opioids

This Sunday evening, M6 broadcast an episode of Restricted zone devoted to legal drugs. Much of the reporting was devoted to drug addiction, especially opioids. Viewers discovered the tragedy of witnesses that nothing predestined to become “drugged”. On Twitter, many of them expressed their anger at the poor follow-up exercised by some doctors.

M6 direct screen capture / Forbidden Zone

A subject as painful as it is taboo. This Sunday, November 21, 2021, Restricted zone became interested in “those legal drugs that destroy families”. In addition to alcoholism and nitrous oxide, the show put the spotlight on drug addiction. Viewers were first able to discover the tragedy of Simon, a young man of 25 who died a year ago from an overdose of codeine initially prescribed for migraines. His mother Elga, very angry with the doctors who were able to let her son have such easy access to high doses, is working hard to identify the flaws in the health system.

The team of journalists then followed Nadine, a sexagenarian from Toulouse, addicted for six years to opioid painkillers. A witness at the beginning “without stories”, far from the usual clichés of the drug addict, with which the televiewers could easily identify. While she lived happily in her villa in Toulouse alongside a loving husband and without any financial problem, the mother was the victim of a car accident in 2013. She suffered from a knee pain and was therefore prescribed by her doctor a sedative. But as her knee gets better, other pains are appearing all over the place. Characteristics of the deficiency, these are in fact caused by its daily consumption of morphine. A vicious circle therefore sets in. She can no longer do without … At the start of the report, Nadine was consuming a dose every four hours. Not to mention the simultaneous intake of antidepressants and the use of a patch containing a molecule 100 times stronger than morphine.

Too anxious at the idea of ​​overdosing and eager to get back to her former life, the Toulousaine has agreed to seek treatment in the hospital. The scene where we see her in the middle of a withdrawal crisis, – describing an unbearable feeling of discomfort, a desire to vomit and pain everywhere – has greatly affected Internet users. While many were outraged to discover such raids into hell, others recounted their own experiences with certain drugs cited in the report. In the comments, the laxity of some doctors, who do not provide enough information on the dangerousness of certain molecules, was also pointed out. Especially since the journalists of the show demonstrated how easily it was possible to be prescribed certain high-risk drugs in large quantities.

Some other Internet users, on the contrary, regretted the sensationalism of the report, which according to them tended to demonize products deemed useful in certain situations.

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