“They swatted with one stroke of the pen.” Putin reacted to blocking Medvedchuk’s channels

On February 2, a number of TV channels of the so-called pool of the people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, were blocked in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to the block, stating that the channels were “slammed with one stroke of the pen.”

During an online conference with the leaders of the factions of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to the closure of TV channels associated with his godfather and People’s Deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Medvedchuk. The broadcast was conducted by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Look, in Ukraine they took and slammed three leading channels and that’s it. With one stroke of the pen. And everyone is silent. And some even pat them on the shoulder approvingly. Well, how can this be argued? Nothing, except using these tools to achieve their own geopolitical goals, “- said Putin.

February 2 Zelensky enacted the decision Of the National Security and Defense Council on the application of sanctions against the People’s Deputy from OLEZH Taras Kozak and officially TV channels belonging to him.

The sanctions provide for the revocation of the license of 112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne, they are ordered to stop broadcasting, all legal activities of media companies are terminated for a period of five years. Providers immediately began to block TV channels, and they made a joint statement about “political reprisals” and promised fight “for their right to broadcast for Ukrainians”.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, noted that these are channels from the so-called Medvedchuk pool. Their “very active and often open used as tools of foreign propaganda in Ukraine “, emphasized Podolyak.

The blocking of 112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne has nothing to do with an attack on freedom of speech, said Yulia Mendel, Zelensky’s press secretary. According to her, there is evidence that these channels are financed from Russia.

The Supreme Court opened proceedings on the claim for lifting of sanctions against three TV channels, the press service of the judiciary of Ukraine reported on February 11.


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