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Luis Carlos Cano
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Monday, October 12, 2020 | 12:54

Don Rodolfo played baseball all his life and at the age of 72 he was still in this sport. Despite his age, he was confident that he was in good health and considered that it was not necessary to go for a medical check-up, as other people think; However, when he decided to undergo an exam due to discomfort, they gave him the bad news: he had prostate cancer.

Faced with this situation, he underwent surgery and although they hoped that the disease would be controlled with this, the case worsened and the cancer spread to the bones, so now Don Rodolfo is undergoing treatment for this disease.

His economic condition is not so buoyant as to cover the costs of cancer treatment, but fortunately for this man, as for many others, there are institutions whose mission is to help people who face different types of cancer , as they do in the Ciudad Juárez Association for the Protection of Children with Cancer (Aprocancer).

And although the name of this association indicates special care for children, the reality is that for 22 years in Aprocancer they have expanded the range of help and since then adults have also received this assistance in their fight against the disease, Raquel narrates Velázquez, administrative assistant and Nidia Espinoza, social worker.

This association began activities on February 19, 1992 with the name it still has and with the acronym Apronicancer, but since 1998, by expanding coverage for adults, it is Aprocancer, explains Velázquez.

However, as the collaborators and patients who attend this institution say, the name change is the least of it, the important thing is that Aprocancer has been there for 28 years as an alternative for the medical care of those who suffer from some type of cancer. , both children and adults.

During the almost three decades of operation, in this association they have served the community by providing guidance, thanatological accompaniment, specialized medical consultation and chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients who do not have economic resources or contractual medical insurance, a task in which eight collaborators participate.

In the almost 30 years they have cared for more than 6 thousand sick people with different types of cancer, in addition to another 21 thousand 066 have received help in the early detection program; currently they serve an average of 50 people per month, says the administrator of the institution, Eloísa Ramírez Delgadillo.

The cancer with the most cases is breast and cervico-uterine cancer, then prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer, but there are also patients affected with bone, skin and leukemia, says Raquel Velázquez.

The news is not pleasant when you are diagnosed with cancer, but I did not reach depression; As the doctor told me, you have to face it and try to defeat it, although you don’t know how you are going to pay for the treatment, says Don Rodolfo, while he waited for his turn to be treated at Aprocancer.

And it is that when a person is diagnosed with this disease, something that everyone thinks about is economics, since it is known that cancer treatments are very expensive, but here we try to improve the situation for people who do not have the money to pay for them, says social worker Nidia Espinoza.

Sixty percent of patients, he indicates, cannot pay for the treatments, they do not have the resources to attend other institutions, since the cost varies according to the type of cancer and the chemotherapies to be given.

According to some treatments applied at this institution, chemotherapy drugs can range from 5,923 pesos to 25,000 pesos, depending on the condition, since patients have different types of cancer and the treatment they provide is different. They are given.

In addition to the care given to the patient with chemotherapy, he has to continue to be treated for several years, but thanks to that there are people who manage to heal, say the representatives of Aprocancer.

The important thing in any type of cancer, Espinoza and Velázquez say, is the timely detection, that is why the community insists on frequent check-ups, both men and women, it is also why constant prevention actions are carried out inviting people to take the corresponding exams.

Currently and throughout October and November, Aprocancer is offering free breast and papanicolaou cancer tests for women, as well as the PSA, prostate, for men, which is currently the one that affects the male sector the most.

All, men and women, Nidia and Raquel point out, should be aware of the importance of having a check-up frequently, at least once a year, to detect any sign of cancer and that it can be treated in time.

The case of Don Rodolfo

And in this letter, Don Rodolfo agrees, who at 74 years of age is treated in Aprocancer for prostate and bone cancer, detected two years ago, when he began to feel discomfort in the prostate and when he applied the tests they diagnosed him with the disease.

“Until two years ago I did not feel anything bad, no discomfort, I continued playing baseball and softball, but I had not done the test to see how I was doing, I went to the doctor until I felt discomfort because I had an inflamed prostate”, explains the athlete, who claims, was a good catcher.

After the diagnosis in which they let him know that he has prostate cancer, Rodolfo undergoes the operation, but two months after that, he went to Aprocancer for treatment, as the disease had spread to the bones.

“Here they have treated me very well,” he says when talking about how they receive it in the association, “and not only that, they have also helped me a lot for the treatments, because the medicines are very expensive, that is what they support me the most. , in addition to the talks and the good attention they have with us and the family ”.

“It’s good that there are institutions like this one, because they are the option for all of us who are not rich and cannot pay for treatments; I am very grateful to Aprocancer because they have always treated me very gently, very well and I hope to be able to beat cancer with their help ”, adds Don Rodolfo.

How to support?

To maintain the service, says Raquel Velázquez, administrative assistant, Aprocancer maintains itself with donations from individuals and companies, in addition to receiving support with the rounding-up campaign in some stores, as well as some activities that they organize there, such as the sale of mask with the logo of the association and the collection of aluminum cans and plastic lids.

In addition, he indicated, with the campaign called “Donating life expectancy”, sick people can be helped with monthly contributions; the community can help with amounts ranging from 100 pesos.

With the resources we obtain from the sale of aluminum cans and plastic lids as recyclable material, as well as the donations received, Aprocancer has the opportunity to continue its work to help cancer patients who are low-income. economic, he commented.

He explained that donations can be made by bank transfer or deposit to the account at HSBC bank with the number 0402-1876-719, with interbank clabe 0211-6404-0218-7671-91, as well as to the account www.paypal .me / aprocancer, or go to the association’s facilities at Calle Camino Viejo a San Lorenzo number 1456, Colonia Partido Díaz.


• Bank transfer or deposit to the account at HSBC with the number 0402-1876-719, clabe 0211-6404-0218-7671-91


• Personally in calle Camino Viejo a San Lorenzo number 1456, Colonia Partido Díaz


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