“They threatened to kill me” .. The Egyptian police succeeded in liberating a child whose kidnapping video went viral

The Egyptian Football Club, Zamalek, issued a statement confirming its rejection of the decision of the Competitions Committee in the Egyptian Federation to suspend its player, Mahmoud Abdel Razek, “Shikabala.”

And the statement stated: “The committee charged with managing the Zamalek club headed by Captain Hussein Labib, based on its responsibility towards the club and its fans and respecting its values ​​and principles, announces its total rejection of the decisions issued by the head of the committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association regarding the club and its players, which were in violation of all regulations and laws in an unprecedented manner. The committee reserves the right to take all measures to confront these invalid decisions at all levels, regardless of the repercussions, and the steps taken will be announced in a manner that preserves the rights of the club and its children.

On Sunday, the Committee for Competitions in the Egyptian Federation decided to stop Shikabala for eight 8 months and fine him 500,000 pounds (about 32,000 dollars) for repeating the excitement of the fans, insulting the Federation, disrespecting the coronation ceremonies, verbal abuse and friction with officials of the system and the Federation, after his team’s match against Al-Ahly Bank in The end of the league matches.

The player had entered into a verbal altercation with Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association, before the ceremony crowning his club with the league shield for the 13th time in its history, for the insistence of “Shikabala” that his wife, son, wives of his colleagues and a number of young players in the Zamalek team attend the coronation ceremony. Official while receiving the league shield.

Mujahid refused Shikabala’s request, and the matter developed between the two parties and almost reached the point of a fist fight by the player, had it not been for the intervention of security personnel, Zamalek club officials and public relations personnel in the Football Association.

On the other hand, the player refused to receive the shield, and Mujahid was forced to hand it over to Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of running the Zamalek club.

The Competition Committee also decided to fine Zamalek Club 100 thousand pounds (about 7,000 dollars) for collective chanting and insults against the elements of the game during and after its match against Al-Ahly Bank, and another 100 thousand pounds for dropping excessive numbers during the second half of the same match, which led to a 3-minute stop. Hazem Imam, the Zamalek player, was suspended for 4 matches and fined 100,000 pounds for unsportsmanlike behavior.

For its part, the Zamalek club issued an official statement to clarify its position on the crisis and to try to acquit its leader, stressing in its most prominent respect for all officials of the sports system. The Egyptian Football Association is aware of their responsibilities, the most important of which is to conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial investigation into these facts, in which similar cases are taken into account in order to avert suspicion of bias and double standards and so that fair decisions can be taken that preserve the rights of all parties.”

The club also announced that “a comprehensive investigation has been opened into the incident to find out all the facts. The club welcomes the participation of all relevant parties in the investigations, to participate in any investigation conducted by a competent authority, and to announce the results in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and transparency.”

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