They treat Jacinto, from Sonora, at Hospital de Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Last night, Jacinto, the young man from Empalme, Sonora, who was convalescing on the outskirts of General Hospital of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, was admitted to this health institution.

“We re-admitted him to the hospital while he solves his situation. He is stable. He suffers from the consequences of his illness, we ourselves have already given him his treatment,” Sergio Loza Rivera reported.

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The director of the General Hospital of Los Mochis He stated that hopefully with the help of this medium, the patient, who is originally from the neighboring state of Sonora, can find his family.

“He has a chronic disease with already chronic sequelae, and well, he has been admitted to the hospital on two occasions prior to last night (yesterday), he has been supported with cabinet and laboratory studies and also with his treatment.”

Has nowhere to go

He added that the patient is discharged, but being in a street situation, it does not go very far.
“We have re-admitted him for this same situation again, the patient is supported, sometimes he becomes dehydrated and hydrates and there is improvement and he discharges. Last night (yesterday) we entered it again. We sent hospital personnel to re-enter. His conditions are good, it’s just that he doesn’t have a place to go, ”he stressed.

He added that the young man does not have any medical indication to be there.

“What the patient has, I repeat, are already chronic sequelae of his condition, that out of respect and secrecy of the patient we do not mention which one, and, well, hopefully there is an institution or a department or some secretariat that can help him.”

Loza Rivera commented that the patient mentions that he has some relatives in the neighboring state of Sonora, and that the Department of Social Work has done the prudent thing to report the patient’s situation, but they do not have a number to contact his relatives.

“Hopefully, through this media the press can help to find the relatives of this patient. For now, we are going to keep it here, because it is not the function of a hospital to offer accommodation, but, well, we are going to keep the patient for a few days waiting to have good news soon and someone to be found or any institution that can support it. ”

For his part, Luis Pablo Urcisichi, deputy director of the General Hospital of Los Mochis, added that Jacinto was in the hospital two days ago and left the hospital, but was admitted last night. He mentioned that every day they go around and all the people who are lying outside the hospital are put in for a medical check-up.


Debate published yesterday that the young Jacinto, 19 years old, said that he had been sleeping under a tree for 3 days after leaving the General Hospital of Los Mochis, where he was hospitalized.

Between barely audible murmurs, the young man indicated that he came from Empalme, Sonora, a few months ago and that he worked in the fields.

However, due to health problems, he was admitted to the General Hospital of this city and having no family or financial resources, he had to sleep in a vacant lot located between a well-known clothing store and another self-service store, in front of the hospital. in the Raúl Romanillo neighborhood.

In addition, he commented on having two sisters in the city of Hermosillo.

Faced with this situation, the support of both the citizens and the corresponding authorities was requested, since the Sonoran requires both food and medical attention.


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