They were in the middle of preparations for their 70 years of marriage but died 2 days apart, “they could not live without each other”

They couldn’t live without each other. GVA reports that Jef, a 91-year-old Belgian from Hasselt, died two days after his 89-year-old wife Fina. The couple was then in full preparation of their 70 years of marriage.

Ludo, son of the deceased, talks about the state of health of his parents. He indicates that “they both suffered from heart failure and additional problems (…) They were still living at home, but that was only possible because they received a lot of help”.

With our colleagues, he also evokes the love story experienced by Jef and Fina. “Like all couples of this age, there were resentments from time to time, but when they were separated because one of them had to go to the hospital, you could see that they really couldn’t live without each other.

The two Belgians were to celebrate their Platinum wedding on July 19.

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