They will file a measure to eliminate the escorts of former governors

The new representative for the 26th district (Barranquitas, Orocovis, Villalba and Coamo), Orlando Aponte Rosario, will file today a measure to repeal the mandatory escorts to the former governors of Puerto Rico, as he said, due to “the fiscal crisis that the country is experiencing and to concentrate the efforts of the Police Bureau in the tasks to combat crime in all its manifestations. “

“This has been a claim of the people for many years. Prior to my election as representative, I attended this case in a particular way, given the public controversy over the assignment of bodyguards to former Governor Ricardo Rosselló. We argue that he did not meet the requirements to be classified as a former governor by not completing his term as president, which is why he was a private person without the right to a police escort. However, when answering the demand, the leadership of the Police Bureau argued that the proposals became academic since former Governor Wanda Vázquez had withdrawn the service of bodyguards from Rosselló Nevares’ family. Given this reality, it is convenient to repeal the bodyguards for the former governors, through a law, “said Aponte Rosario.

The measure of Aponte Rosario, to which a number will be assigned as soon as it is filed with the Secretary of the House of Representatives, seeks to amend articles 6 of Law Number 2 of March 26, 1965, as amended, known as “Ley to Grant a Life Annuity and other Facilities to Ex-Governors “, in order to clarify the rights or benefits that a former governor will have, to establish that he will not enjoy the benefits if he decides to resign from the position and to amend Law Number 20 of April 10, 2017 to eliminate the Police Commissioner’s discretion to provide escorts to a former official.

At present, former Governors Carlos Romero Barceló, Luis Fortuño Burset, Alejandro García Padilla and Wanda Vázquez Garced have assigned bodyguards while Sila M. Calderón Serra and Aníbal Acevedo Vilá waived this right.

The Aponte Rosario measure establishes that “this Legislature recognizes the austerity, the economic hardship and the fiscal crisis that the government of Puerto Rico has undergone, which is why the duty to reduce non-essential expenses to redirect them is expressly established as public policy to essential services directly to citizens.


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