They will give up to 10 years in prison in NL for causing forest fires

Due to the forest fires that have hit Nuevo León, the State Government toughened the sanctions for those who cause fire and damage forest areas, with punishments ranging from 2 to 10 years in prison.

In Nuevo León, efforts have been made in recent days to put out the most recent fires.  Image taken from Twitter: @proteccioncivilnuevoleon

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In Nuevo León, efforts have been made in recent days to put out the most recent fires. Image taken from Twitter: @proteccioncivilnuevoleon

The sanctions will be directed at people who cause forest fires, either intentionally or recklessly, for this reason the protection and rehabilitation of affected areas will be redoubled.

Also, the decree that establishes closed areas for the use of fire. The document establishes, in addition to prohibiting the use of campfires, the restriction of the use of all-terrain vehicles with three or four wheels in the closed area.

“The use of all-terrain recreational vehicles is prohibited, on dirt roads, in the prohibited areas for the use of fire, understood by these.

Any vehicle with three or four wheels, with a gasoline engine of up to 1000 CC, Cubic Centimeters or an electric motor not exceeding 750 kv Kilovolt, specifically intended to be used in sports, recreational or tourist activities, with the exception of those intended for work of civil protection, security, assistance, and the like,” the document states.

In addition, the number of visitors to natural sites will be reduced de Adjuntas, Matacanes, and Hidrofobia, or other surrounding areas, located in the municipality of Santiago.

People who cause intentional or reckless forest fires may be subject to the sanctions established in the Sustainable Forest Development Law of the State of Nuevo León; the Penal Code for the State of Nuevo León; or the Federal Penal Code.

In addition to the years in prison, will be imposed penalty for the equivalent of three hundred to three thousand days fineto whom unlawfully:

IV. Cause a fire in a forest, jungle, natural vegetation or forest land, which damages natural elements, flora, fauna, ecosystems or the environment.

Finally, it indicates that the entry of material that can be used to light campfires or fire for food consumption will be prohibited to all visitors in the fire use prohibited areas.

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