They’ll take you down and move on. The Czech Republic, which reached for world gold, about the rough world of sprinting

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Are you sorry you don’t show up at home?

Honestly, not at all. There was uncertainty about what it would be like at the start of the World Cup, now we know that it will be without complications, so we and the implementation team were a little relieved.

What starts await you at the World Cup?

On Monday we will move from Austria to Oberstdorf, I will have a sprint, then maybe a team sprint, but it depends on the coaches, there is a lot of competition. And I’m a relay member.

Tereza Beranová and Vuokatti


You have already been ninth and eleventh in the World Cup this year, what will please you in Germany?

I like that our team works, we also understand the service, the coaches. And I would like to go to the semifinals, even if the tracks will be different. Last year the sprint was terribly long, now it has been shortened, it will be fast and difficult, three big hills and then the finish line.

In Oberstdorf, temperatures of up to around fifteen degrees await you, which is a big leap compared to Vuokatti, where it was 23 years below minus twenty at the World Championships and the races were postponed…

There was even a minus 27 when they postponed the race. But it’s just a matter of how he copes with it, you can’t get away with it. Sure, we had underpants that we don’t normally wear, but it wasn’t like running, that we had frosted toes after the races.

You were there a short distance from the title of world champion, but from a leading position she sent you to the country of Russia, later you were also punished for previous contact with Sweden.

But if she didn’t chase me, I wouldn’t be disqualified, we would avert the Swedish protest. At the World Cup, no one would be interested in this, it is common there that no one will give you anything for free. We didn’t deal with it that way anymore. And that fall is another lesson for me, it never occurred to me that someone could kick my leg from behind, a good experience …

You have already experienced falls and broken wands in the sprint. Are you a loser or is it your style?

I’d like a little luck štěstí But I’m going head-to-head, otherwise I can’t. Even in the World Cup, no one looks at anyone in the sprint, they just take you down and move on, you don’t play emotions. Sprinting is a lot about patience, you have to wait and then attack aggressively. Not everyone has it in me, I totally do, but it always somehow mysteriously goes wrong.

Do sprinters train differently than skiers who ride mostly distance races?

At all. We have to endure up to four laps, we also need perseverance and drive volumes. For example, I spend more time in the gym, but that’s because I enjoy it and it’s definitely not harmful to us.

In addition to skiing, you also enjoy culture, you like dancing, theater and singing. As much as possible?

Did you just see the finals in Finland? I wanted to do a drama there. I thought I was a class away, so I’ll take care of it, I’ll show everyone how I can compose … And then I threw the handle. (smile) So the acting is probably closest to me.

Biathlon in Nové Město yes, cross-country skiing no. Why?

Have you already succeeded in any audition?

Not yet. So far, I’m trying it on the team, I always shoot from them and they don’t understand, they probably don’t feel it… But when the measures relax, I’ll try some auditions again.

How did you get excited about the triumph of your friend Markéta Davidová at the Biathlon World Championships?

Huge! We skied together, ran cross-country skiers, went to camps. I was incredibly happy that a year older Borka from Genoa is the world champion. I remember when she didn’t know if she was going to ski or do biathlon, and now she has gold.


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