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“They’re not going to say it openly!”

by archyde

After winning the very first selection in the draft lottery, in 2022, where is the plan to rebuild the Montreal Canadiens?

Do the three heads of hockey in the upper echelons of the organization, Geoff Molson, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes, believe in the possibility of emerging from the abacus in first place for a second consecutive year?

For Tony Marinaro, there is no doubt that the leaders would agree to conclude the next campaign in the shallows to fish Connor Bedard, if the hopes based in the young prodigy make him the best player of his vintage.

To use a well-known anglicism in sports jargon, the plan would be to “tank”.

“They are not going to say it openly! Of course that’s the plan!”, he argued in the segment “The Colosseum” at JiCThursday, on TVA Sports.

“If it’s not Bedard, it’s called (Matvei) Michkov. If it’s not Bedard or Michkov, it’s called (Adam) Fantilli. They’re not going to say it openly because there are people who won’t buy tickets.”

And Martin St-Louis in all this?

In this sense, Jean-Charles Lajoie has doubts about the execution of such a strategy.

“It’s already started. But the plan is like boxing. It works until you eat a punch on the face. The Canadian will eat it in a row of punches on the face, because he will lose many more games than he will win.

In this sense, the head coach with the boiling gaze of the Habs might not want to hear anything about leading the team in this context, believes the colorful host.

“Will Martin St-Louis, who has an abysmal record in 37 games last year – which is no better than Dominique Ducharme, ‘by the way’ – will endure losing 50 games this year, 45 next year and maybe 40 in two years? Let’s see, you.”

Tony Marinaro persists et signe.

“He knows it. He’s a smart man. You spent time with him at the Pied de Cochon – and I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t invite me – he knows it’s a process, Jean-Charles! You can’t have it all right away.

“You waited 20 years before working with me. Good things happen to people who wait!”

Above, see the “Le Colisée” segment with Jean-Charles Lajoie and Tony Marinaro at “JiC”.

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