Thibaut Georgin is the new president of SNCB

Lhe name of the new chairman of the SNCB board of directors is known. This is Thibaut Georgin. It is he who will succeed the liberal Jean-Claude Fontinoy, who has held this position since 2005. Environmentalists have obtained the post and have therefore chosen this 53-year-old management engineer, following a call from the party to its members. He started his career at Unilever before heading up marketing and sales at Swiss Post.

Consultant in business strategy within the firm Igneos, which he founded, director of companies, he exercised various other management functions and led consulting missions in public and private companies. He also chaired the Board of Directors of the Société publique de la gestion de l’eau en Wallonie from 2011 to 2016, before joining Bruegel, the regulatory authority for gas and electricity, in March 2020. He teaches at UNamur and l’Ichec. He is the son of Jacques Georgin, FDF activist assassinated by the far right in 1970.


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