Thierry Janssen, from surgery to meditation

Thierry Janssen founded the School of Therapeutic Presence in 2015.

Bright smile, bright blue eyes and exceptional volubility: despite the difficult health context, Thierry Janssen’s enthusiasm remains intact. The former surgeon turned psychotherapist has just published his latest book (The right posture, The Iconoclast, 2020), while theSchool of Therapeutic Presence that he founded in 2015 for caregivers is about to open up to everyone. It will now be called the School of the Right Posture.

“Absolute correctness is what makes it possible to adapt to situations by acting with the maximum respect for the life in us and around us”, explains the therapist. More than a concept, this essential posture is often endangered by our neurotic behaviors. It cannot be reached with a snap of the fingers: this journey requires work over three years, through a process that is both psychological, physical and spiritual experienced as a meditation in the body, and which aims to develop a deep presence in the body. self and to the other.

Exhaustion and silence

This school, Thierry Janssen created it after a long and painful retirement. In 2009, after having given nearly two hundred courses and conferences in a year in ten countries, he suddenly suffered from facial paralysis. “I was physically and mentally exhausted. Ironically, I had just published a book called Does the disease have any meaning? [Fayard] I saw how I had failed to meet my basic needs. “

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He retired to Luxor in Egypt, not far from the Valley of the Kings. “It was there that I understood that it was time to create a school in which I could share what seems most important to me, in particular with professionals in the relationship of help and care. “

During a meditation he lives, he says, a mystical experience which transforms his existence. “I heard the silence, far back, in the background. This silence is not the absence of noise but the space in which all noise appears and disappears. It is the silence of consciousness, pure presence in the world, pure acceptance of what is, unconditional love. ”

Back in Europe, he still needs a withdrawal period before starting: he does not feels not ready to take on the role of teacher. “I wanted to write about the experience of silence but I couldn’t. At one point, the physical and emotional discomfort was so great that I was tempted to end my life. My ego preferred to destroy everything rather than let go. Welcoming this in unconditional love allowed me to feel the stability of the core of being – that peaceful and silent essence that is present deep within each of us. “

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