Thierry Neuville explains: “We did not find an agreement, not only for the money …”

Thierry Neuville, why this separation with Nicolas Gilsoul?

“Because we did not find an agreement for our WRC 2021 campaign. We were a few days before the start of the season, we still did not have a contract and we had to make a decision. We had to decide and I have activated plan B. “

But why come to this, the timing is really not good …

“It wasn’t me who really chose him. If my intention was really to part ways with Nicolas, I wouldn’t have waited until the last minute. It would have been really stupid of me.”

What did you not agree on? Money since we know that it is you who must pay your co-pilot?

“It’s not just that, no.”

Are you going to make as much money as last year with the Covid crisis?

“I don’t think I should talk about this, but I have a current contract and it will be honored.”

Lewis Hamilton must also revise his claims downwards …

“Yes but he’s negotiating a new contract and besides George Russell went as fast as him when he got in the car …”

Should we speak of an amicable separation?

“We didn’t fight anyway. We just didn’t agree. I’m the more surprised of the two. I didn’t expect to find myself in this situation. We have already experienced a few periods. difficult, but we never got to the breaking point. “

You are apparently very cold, how do you feel today?

“Of course I have a hard time showing my emotions. A separation touches you, especially after ten years. Nico was not really a friend but rather a good working relationship. We had some good laughs together.”

Tell us a bit about your new teammate, Martijn Wijdaeghe?

“It’s a logical choice in agreement with Hyundai. He already knows the house. He is young, motivated and available. He had to fix everything in 24 hours. We will try to settle this weekend. It’s a hell of a thing. challenge for him but for me too. “

You complicate your life before Monte-Carlo, don’t you?

“It is clear that I will not be a winner to start in Monte-Carlo with a new co-driver.”

Did you hire him for the full season?

“We said we were starting the season together. We’ll see later. But I hope it will work.”

Do you think this decreases your chances in the championship?

“A season is long. It will be harder at the start, that’s for sure.”

Is a return of Nicolas possible or is it irrevocable?

“I believe that Nicolas does not want to come back …”

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