things get hot between the country’s politicians and experts!

The possible reopening of contact professions has ignited the powder. Politicians like the president of the MR and two other liberals, the Minister for the Independents, David Clarinval and his predecessor Denis Ducarme, have long insisted that these professions be offered prospects.

During the last Consultation Committee, on January 22, it was decided that this reopening could take place on February 13… If the assessment of the situation is deemed positive by the Consultation Committee on February 5. A decision that some experts have already wedged well in the freezers, given the appearance of mutants of the virus on our soil.

► It is gnawing on social networks: here’s what politicians blame experts for.

Yves Coppieters gives its opinion: “It is important that everyone expresses themselves on the crisis. »

► For its part, Yves Van Laethem “Think a lot of experts are bitching at the moment. “


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