“Think outside the box” speaker compares herself to a resistance fighter: “I feel like Sophie Scholl” – politics

At a “lateral thinking” rally in downtown Hanover against the federal government’s corona measures, a speaker compared herself to Sophie Scholl, the resistance fighter against the National Socialists.

The young woman is on stage on Saturday and introduces herself as Jana from Kassel. “I feel like Sophie Scholl, because I’ve been active in the resistance for months, giving speeches, going to demos, handing out flyers and registering for meetings since yesterday,” she says and receives applause.

“I am 22 years old, just like Sophie Scholl before she fell victim to the National Socialists,” she continues. You will never stop working for freedom, peace, love and justice.

While she is still speaking, a young man steps up to the stage and puts an orange safety vest in her hand. “I don’t make a folder for such nonsense,” he says. “What nonsense?” Asks the surprised speaker.

Some folders are added. “This is playing down the Holocaust,” says the young man. “I didn’t say anything,” replied the speaker.

Then several police officers arrive. The young man, who, according to his own statements, which are documented on the video, was engaged as a steward and now no longer wants to be out of indignation, goes and calls the appearance of Jana from Kassel “more than embarrassing”. The young woman on stage turns around, bursts into tears, throws her speech manuscript on the floor and leaves the stage.

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